written together in a google doc

It’s time that we let the world know. 

We can’t take a compliment yo 

‘Bout our vags we got low self esteem

PS, your vag is the queen

My vag is big mean and ugly/ Your vag is soft ‘n’ snuggly

My vag is the Hoover Dam/ Your vag is a tiny clam

My vag - all you can eat buffet/ Your vag, a  4 ounce fillet

My Vag is so BIG AND SWOLE/ Your Vag is a tiny little hole

My Vag drops LSD for fun/ Your Vag would just go for a run

My Vag is Missy E before the weight loss/ Your Vag has always been Kate Moss

My Vag makes people say WHOOPS/ For your Vag guys jump through hoops

My vag is death valley/Your vag just moved to Cali

My Vag smells like a fish/ Your Vag is my make a wish

My Vag is just fine.

Your Vag is better than mine!

So. it’s time that we let the world know

We can’t take a compliment yo

‘Bout our vags, they’re our weakness

PS, your vag is like Jesus.